IRT Consultations

Integrative Reprogramming Technique [IRT] is a science-based, self-treatment methodology that is comprised of very simple, yet very powerful, tools designed to enable permanent change within you.

The amazement felt by clients is constant and inescapable: challenging situations, emotional experiences, and difficult relationships are swiftly improved, adding a greater dimension to their lives in a way they never believed possible.

Due to straight-forward methodology of IRT, participants shift quickly from the hopeless and irretrievable, to the balanced and contented.

How we do it.

The crux of the healing component of IRT vests with the basic quantum physics principle that permanent change can be made to happen at the cellular level. It’s as straightforward as that. We help you to access the internal capacity to affect that cellular level change; quickly.

How does it happen?

It starts with creating internal channels, allowing your to access your own innate inner awareness of all the things happening within your own body. From the synapses of your brain to the individual cells within your body, signals are sent to direct cells to respond and combine to produce new or different effects. IRT offers a true basis of healing certain conditions and circumstances without external intervention.

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