The Self Repair Toolkit Community

During these stressful times that we have all been going through during the last few years it is more important than ever to support each other. To create community and where we can connect with like minded people.

This community’s sole purpose is to help you uncover what you can do to create the best possible life for yourself. As we share with each other we grow together. You will find out that most people are struggling with similar issues. This makes us feel less alone and also supported.

There will be something for everyone. If you just want to use the online platform to discover by yourself using the tools, or you want to be more involved and meet  once a month via zoom to discuss different chapters in my book The Self Repair Toolkit, or you would like to join us Sunday mornings for a Bikram yoga class, or join us for our live meditations on monday’s.

By becoming a member of the Self Repair Toolkit Community you are granting yourself

  • 5 Meditations
  • Online Course
  • Access to the Self Repair Toolkit workbook
  • 1 Monthly group discussion call, 1st Sunday every month 11am pst
  • Access to private Membership Facebook group
  • Live meditations on Mondays
  • Sunday morning Bikram Yoga Class via zoom