Fear & Consciousness

I figured that in light of current events, that a rejuvenated news section was in order. I?ll be sharing a multitude of topics, interviews, blog posts, research, and more as the SRT Breakthrough Community continues to grow and provide support for one another.

In regards to blogging, I often think: ?There are so many people blogging about so many things? it?s not necessary for me to blog that much.? Until something is triggered within me that makes me light up about a certain topic, putting the information into words is difficult. Most often, my experience of working through things (ie adversity, life changes, stress) are ultimately what propels me to elaborate and share what I?ve learned.

We all have fear.

We all have fear: it is built into our system to protect us. Without a little bit of fear, we would not survive here. Imagine, what would happen if you just put your hand into a fire, or played carelessly with a poisonous snake? Our minds know from experience that, yes, in the case of the fire, you will get burned and you might die? and yes, in the case of the snake, you will get bitten and absolutely die? therefore, a little bit of fear is necessary and healthy. However, the big questions is: How do we overcome incessant fear-based behaviours, maladaptive coping mechanisms, and anxiety? How do we find the balance?

I have been watching myself for a while now; I observe when the fear arises, and I acknowledge why it?s arising. I have made enough personal progress to know that the people and situations that trigger the fear in me are not, in themselves, responsible for the fear.

?That?s good to know!? I hear you say. I also hear the collective little voice in our heads, saying ?It still doesn?t help much!? However? I keep watching.

What I have found is that there seems to be a pattern: a kind of memory about certain fears that come in and out. It can appear for no apparent reason. When I become still enough, the intelligence that is present in the universe and runs through all of our bodies is able to reveal multitudes to me regarding my fears. Mostly, they are based in the way that I am thinking, which then, in turn, creates a pattern. If I sit in stillness and breathe through the discomfort, I am able to reach the place where the idea was created. This place of conception is the same place where I can dissolve it, using the power and principles of breath.

A common, classic thread of fear that trigger us daily can be found when looking at ?finances?.

?Do I have enough money??
?Are my family members, children spouse, parents, siblings, etc? are they safe and healthy??

Of course, there are a bunch of other fears that can plague us, mutually as a part of a societal condition, or exclusively, and the expression of this fear and stress can be unique in each individual. You know yourself better than anyone else: you are able to identify what fears trigger you, and what can paralyze you.

Through personal observation of my own fears through the avenues of meditation and yoga practice, I began to notice something. My fears are ALL based in my mind, no exceptions. 

It?s a wonderful discovery, but great! Now what?

I can believe the illusion, or I can be present in the truth.

I still felt the physiological changes linked to fear, but the question I wanted an answer to was, ?how do I stop it??

Well, I discovered that I don?t need to stop it, when I am able to observe the illusion that I am free. Now, I have a choice: I can believe the illusion, or I can be present in the truth. What does it mean, to be present in the truth? Simply, it means to be present in the now, in what is happening now, in this present moment of consciousness. This is how we can circumvent the illusions of the mind. We don?t need to fix the problem on the same level that it exists; we have to go about it via another channel, if you like.

For example, what I practice when I?m in my meditation, is that I focus only on my breath. Of course, thoughts will come. Let them come, and let them go. Don?t try and push them away. When I am in my Bikram Yoga class, I focus on my breath and the voice that is guiding me to the fullest of my ability.

You cannot try to fix the problem where it exists (in this case, the mind). You have to find another way to maneuver the issue. Since nearly all of our problems exist in the mind, we cannot go to the mind to ?fix? it for us; it just does not have the capacity!

The Mind?s job is to create thoughts. The Mind?s job is not to fix problems, so do not give your mind that job. We have to dig a little deeper. In whatever we put our attention and time, it has the ability to grow; we have to find our awareness. Once we understand that we are the power behind the thoughts that bring us fear, then the Mind can create better, healthy thoughts.

Somehow, we as a society are in this illusion that the Mind is the most powerful, and that it can fix things.

But no. You are powerful. Where you put your attention is powerful.

MEDITATION is the key to getting in touch with our awareness, with our attention: it?s free, it doesn?t cost anything? just start. Sit, once or twice a day. Even if you only have a few minutes, just start.

I hope this will assist in shedding a little bit of light on the topic of fear for you today. If it helps even just a single person, I am happy that I took the time to blog about it.

Remember, only love is real.

In love and light,