SRT Facilitator Training Course

What is SRT Facilitator Training Course? The SRT Facilitators Training Course is sourced from the unique processes contained within The Self Repair Toolkit . Over a period of three months, this e-Course will enable participants to help both themselves and others to positively transform recognized negative behaviours and attitudes that have developed over their lifetime. […]


SRT Masterclass

Designed to support you through Self Repair Toolkit process of self exploration and healing. After joining the SRT Breakthrough Masterclass you will receive a weekly package containing: 3 Chapters of the Self-Repair-Toolkit (12 Total) 3 supplementary audio files (1 for each chapter, 12 total) 1 Guided Meditation (4 total) Access to a weekly live call […]


Breath / Meditation Masterclass

Virtual Event Virtual Event

If you want to learn techniques to start a meditation practice, this course is for you! Breath is the bridge between our internal and?external?worlds. When the mind wanders so also does the breath become unsteady. Our breath can bring us back to the present moment, the NOW. There is a direct link between the breath […]