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Deborah Small, a naturalized Canadian citizen, born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, embarked on a personal journey over twenty years ago: a journey to discover who she really was, a journey to find her unseen, true purpose.


This journey to true self-empowerment was rooted through the healing of herself and helping others; spanning five continents (and counting!), Deborah’s journey began with learning yoga. Eventually, she went from learning to teaching. Having acquired over twenty years of practice experience in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas. Her endeavour of growth and wellness has only continued to flourish from there, with the spirit of assisting others in the course of her journey being most prevalent in her actions and pursuits.


Today, that journey has brought Deborah to where she currently is:
An internationally acknowledged author, and a renowned expert practitioner within the field of holistic healing.


Deborah holds qualifications as; Integrative Reprogramming Technique [‘IRT’] facilitator, Yoga Instructor, Nutritionist, and instructor of advanced breathing techniques for self-healing. She is also a practiced and experienced guide & facilitator in programs, workshops, and retreats. Deborah also holds a degree in psychology from the University of British Columbia.


IRT is a science-based, self-treatment methodology that is comprised of very simple, yet incredibly powerful, tools designed to catalyze permanent change within you.

Deborah’s experiences in utilizing IRT healing with individual clients from all walks of life led her to the vital realization:

She determined that it was necessary to transition from a one-to-one modality to a one-to-many approach. From this desire to share the benefits of IRT, Deborah’s book, The Self Repair Toolkit, was born.


Independent work is not ideal for everyone; distractions, feelings of hopelessness, and struggles are a part of life, and, for some, focused guidance can be of great assistance at any point in one’s journey.

Deborah is pleased to offer a three-day residential program encompassing the Self Repair Toolkit, allowing for a variety of healing modalities, such as consulting through personal issues that may arise during your journey.

In this program, Deborah is able to deliver her one-to-many approach, enabling participants to partake in hands-on learning and application of the SRT Tools. The SRT Breakthrough Program has resulted in measurable positive shifts and notable change taking place in the participants.