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Self Directed Online Program
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Self Directed Online Program

This video series is designed as an accompaniment to The Self Repair Toolkit. A tool by tool walkthrough that you can review as you make your way through the Self Repair Toolkit towards your personal breakthrough.

Free yourself from the shackles of your past; release your truest self and learn to embrace a new narrative. Now is better than ever to begin your journey into full authenticity.

Course includes 12 videos lessons and “The Self Repair Toolkit” workbook, which has been developed specifically to guide you through this course towards your own personal breakthrough.

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Self Directed Online Program
7 Day Trial Membership

Instructor: Deborah Small

Her journey to true self-empowerment was rooted through the healing of others; spanning five continents (and counting!), Deborah’s journey began with learning yoga. Eventually, she went from learning to teaching. Having acquired over twenty years of practice experience in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas. Her endeavour of growth and wellness has only continued to flourish from there, with the spirit of assisting others in the course of her journey being most prevalent in her actions and pursuits.

Today, that journey has brought Deborah to where she currently is: An internationally acknowledged author, and a renowned expert practitioner within the field of holistic healing.

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