Bali Heart-Centered Retreat 2025

Enter into your Sacred Self at with us at the Bali Spirit Hotel
Feb 10th – 17th 2025


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Perhaps you are looking for a solution to the lingering after-effects of past trauma; maybe you need to deal with depression or anxiety brought on by experiences of discontentment, unhappiness, resentfulness, and disillusionment. Are you struggling to identify the source of these feelings, or having difficulty in figuring out how to shift and release yourself from them? If so, the SRT Breakthrough Program is definitely for you.

What our clients say about us?


I am forever grateful to the universe for the interception of my life with Deborah this year. Through her guidance wisdom and openness, the interactive process in her approach has offered new ways for me to heal, grow, and recover from past and present trauma. The process is pushing me through personal barriers including deep resentment and anger towards people I love and ultimately towards myself. The great news is that in acknowledging the war within myself I am experiencing a new peace within my being which is beginning to transform my relationship with others. Thank you for pushing me Deborah and for your caringness. It is priceless.

Geoff Hoffman

When I met Deb I was very chaotic, worried, and unbalanced. I was not handling or accepting the circumstances in my life very well at all. Deb had a ways of calming me energetically and assisting me to change my beliefs on so many levels. Much of what I learned from Deb I still use today. Deb’s sessions are deep and impactful. One of the most valuable experiences of my life.


You showed me the way, how to accept myself. You gave me the truth, how to stop lying to myself. You brought me back to reality, leaving all my illusions. You built up the faith in me which is never ending and solid. You carried me from the place of not knowing who I am, into the area of being just me. You pushed me to take responsibility of my life and how to be free. You never stop believing in me. Never. Thank you for your pure Love and Compassion!


Great! Connectivity with wifi was challenging but that is each persons individual wifi issue, lol.
Lots of transformation and HUGE AHA moments.
Thank you!


At the end of the program, the word to describe the way I feel is the word Excitement!! Thank you Deborah for your guidance through this program, helping me see those blindspots in my life. Now I look forward to living better and be excited about my life again!

Thank you!

Kati Saira

What a Journey! Individual and group work is a magic tool to get more awareness into your Life. Deborah is a such a Rock. She built up the trust and the connection between each of us.

Feeling greatful and blessed!

Gia Henderson

Deborah’s insights and intuitive nature has changed my life’s course immensely. From being the pile driver of conviction to softening into my femininity her program has broaden my perspective of self and how I show up in the world. The tools are specific and powerful. Each Tool gave me what I needed to chip, chisel and shape a new thought pattern for myself. The SRT Tool Kit was a massive spring, winter and fall cleaning of my old habits and beliefs. Now my journey has clarity and ease. I am in a place of releasing and reviving my true being without the shroud of my old story. 


Easy to follow and very powerful program! Thank you Deb for all your energy through this class. You made it safe to discuss all our experiences and guided us through the simple steps to take for transformation!

I highly recommend this class for all!

Rita Alberton

I met Deborah 4 years ago when I attended a Bikram class. I felt such a positive and loving energy from her. I left feeling empowered and loved and I was at peace with myself. She emanated such love that I chose to take her course. In her SRT course she created a safe, nonjudgmental loving class. She allowed us to be ourselves and challenged us to take a good honest look inside ourselves. I love how she had us pair up and express ourselves with others allowing us to realize we are not alone. I loved her course so much I’m taking it again and recommend anyone and everyone to enrol in it!! I am so grateful and blessed to have her in my life.

Aaron Finn

This course allowed me a deeper insight into myself than I had previously ever achieved and I was able to work through some things that have been hindering me. Moreover the process can be done again and again and the ability to critically evaluate oneself is invaluable. Deb is such a great teacher and person, I’ll definitely do the course again! 

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